Raising, Nurturing and Educating a Child

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Shepherd’s House Childcare Ministries

It is in the Heart of God to Raise, Nurture and Educate Orphaned, Needy and Destitute children and we the founders of Shepherd’s House International Ministries-Uganda are privileged to be involved in this humble task.
We know that it is a task we could never accomplish without the helping hand of friends like you. We indeed pray that you will be encouraged to partner with us to give these children the future they deserve and a dream to fulfill.
Shepherd’s House International Ministries is a non-Profit making, non-political, non-sectarian and non-denominational Charity Christian Organization registered in Uganda since 2008.
We help children regardless of race, religion or sex especially in the areas of providing education, medical care and residential care.
Currently we are housing 7 children in our new home and supporting 20 more by providing school fees, scholastic materials, uniforms, shoes and a meal.We have so many on our waitng list hoping that one day a bright light will shine on their way to the future. We have been able to support the teenage girls who drop out of school and three of them are taking a course in nursing, sawing lessons and nursery teaching course.

This year we started a School that will be able cater for the orphans, needy children and will also be of a great benefit the local community to be able to access good education. So far 40 children has been enrolled.
The land, God gave us 60 acres of land in nyondo and we are planning to put up a Babies Home, a Primary and a secondary school, a church and a clinic to help the children and rural people of nyondo.
Problem Analysis
Today, orphans remain a burden of extended families although most of these are living from hand to mouth and many of them are victims of HIV/AIDS and POVERTY. In a situation like that, these families who can hardly take care of their own children naturally find it almost impossible to take in an extra child.
As more family members succumb to Aids, the problem becomes even more complex. In fact, this scenario has been played out over and over again, so that today we have another unique orphan problem. Households headed and managed by children themselves because all grownup relatives have perished.
Project Objectives

To Raise self sustained, Educated, Valuable, and Spiritual sound men and women in this Nation.
To raise them (children) with respect, dignity and love. Instilling Christian values to enable them become great leaders in this nation.

Establishing foster homes for those children who are homeless, currently we have been blessed to rent out home for these 7 Orphaned children who were in destitute condition
To provide / facilitate medical care for the children

Sponsorship for School fees and other educational requirements for those children living with old grandmothers
Medical care
Subsistence allowance

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